Survivors of Suicide Attempt Support Group (SOSA)

October 19, 2017


The time after a suicide attempt can be very confusing and filled with lots of conflicting emotions. Typically, the pain and problems that lead a person to consider suicide are still present and are compounded by reactions of family and friends.  Many attempt survivors feel embarrassed, ashamed or guilty about their attempt. Some feel angry that they are still alive.  Others are grateful that they survived and are determined to find the reasons they are still here.


Because of the stigma associated with suicide, many suicide attempt survivors feel very alone and don’t know where to turn.  Talking with others who have similar experiences can be an important part of healing after a suicide attempt.  Brigham Suicide Prevention’s Survivor of Suicide Attempt Support groups offer a safe, non-judgmental place for people to talk about the feelings that led them to attempt suicide and to talk about the impact that their attempt had on their lives.


Groups are typically composed of five to eight people who have survived a suicide attempt or who are struggling with persistent thoughts of suicide.  The same people will be in a group for the entire eight weeks; it is not a “drop-in” group. This allows group members to develop safe, secure bonds with each other, thereby improving their healing process.


Group meetings provide a time for members to discuss the challenges and successes that they are facing following their suicide attempt.  Members can share stories and strategies for survival.  The facilitators will lead discussions to help members better recognize what led to their suicide attempt and incorporate other ways to relieve the pain that may have led to their attempt.


Our Survivors of Suicide Attempt Support groups are free of charge.  Members must be at least 18 years of age. To attend the support group potential members must complete an intake interview prior to attending the support group to allow the facilitator to and the participant to learn more about each other and determine if the group may be an appropriate resource.


For more information, or to schedule an intake please contact:


Carrie Rutherford (435)720-3174


Nicole Kaae (435)720-3239


Tara Roche (435)225-5903